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February 13 & 14, 2016

(Registration Deadline January 31, 2016)



About PHX3on3


PHX3on3 is an incredible outdoor 3on3 basketball tournament held on the streets in downtown Phoenix. The tournament welcomes all types of players and teams: Male, Female and Co-Ed. Recreational and Elite. Youth, Teens, and Adults of ALL AGES. All Heights. All Playing Experience Levels. Wheelchair Athletes. Special Olympics Athletes.

PHX3on3 is for EVERYONE!!!

  Benefitting Special Olympics Arizona and The American Cancer Society.SO_Arizona_Mark_200pix   American Cancer Society 200pix

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Tournament Details

A team must have at least 3 players, but may have up to four.
PHX3on3 is a double elimination plus consolation bracket tournament. This means that each team will get at least three scheduled games over the course of the two-day tournament. Your team could play many more games depending on your win/loss record and how you progress through your bracket.
Heck No!!! Our goal is to create the fairest matchups possible so that everyone has a fun and competitive experience at our tournament. We look for teams with the most closely matched physical and competitive profiles and group them together in brackets. Some teams have very unique profiles and may be difficult to place fairly in the tournament. In these cases, we will generally contact the team captain to discuss the situation and options available.
Click Here to read the PHX3on3 Official Rules.
While we will not prevent anyone from registering on more than one team, we cannot guarantee that both teams will not have games scheduled at the same time. If this happens, the player will have to decide which game to participate in. Remember, all teams must have at least 3 players on the court at all times.
No. Unless specifically directed to move to a different court by tournament officials, your team will play all games on the same court during.
Yes! We will have fun and challenging skill contests than anyone can participate in. We will also have great music and food as well as exciting entertainment throughout the weekend including a slam dunk exhibition, guest appearances, and perhaps even a Gorilla with mad hops.
You can register a co-ed team in any Division except for Adult Elite. Understand that unless we have enough similar co-ed teams to create purely co-ed brackets, these teams will play in male brackets. Co-ed teams placed in male brackets will not be required to have players of both sexes on the court at all times.
Yes! You can log back into your registration account anytime before the registration deadline to update player information, change a player altogether, or add a fourth player to a team of three. There is no charge for this and we encourage you to double check your player information and make changes as needed to ensure complete accuracy. Once registration has closed, any necessary player changes will incur a $20 fee and will only be allowed if the change does not affect the team’s bracketing profile. In other words, a player being added to a team after the deadline must be of the same age, height, and experience level as the player being replaced. Tournament officials have the right to reject any player change requests made after the registration deadline.
During the week before the tournament, the game schedule will be posted on this website. For an even easier way to get your game schedule, download the PHX3on3 mobile app (available January 2016) and follow your favorite teams.
No. You are not required to check-in anywhere before your first game. Just go to your assigned court 15 minutes before your scheduled game time and check-in with the referee/scorekeeper. Each team member must agree to and sign a sportsmanship pledge and Release and Voluntary Waiver before the start of each game. To read the Voluntary Waiver and Release Agreement, click here.
The champions, runners up, and consolation winners of each bracket will receive a prize commemorating their achievement. The men’s and women’s champions in the Adult Elite division will each win a $2,000 cash prize per team. Every participating player will receive a PHX3on3 Player T-shirt.
No. Your players can wear anything they want. Each player will receive a PHX3on3 player T-shirt, but you are not required to wear this during games. If your team would like to wear uniforms or costumes, go for it!
The charge for spectators to enjoy the tournament is FREE.99!!! In other words, there is no charge for spectators. We love spectators! This is an event for everyone and we want everyone to attend.
Only players who have been officially registered through Team Registration or through an accepted Player Change Form will be allowed to participate. Any teams using unregistered players will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
Upon submitting payment for your completed team registration, an automated confirmation email receipt will be sent to your account email address. If you do not receive this email upon completion of registration, please first check your junk email folder and then contact us immediately if you don’t find it. This confirmation email is your proof of registration.

More Questions? Give us a shout.

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Divisions & Pricing

Thanks to the generous support of our presenting sponsor, Ak-Chin Indian Community,

PHX3on3 is pleased to offer discounted entry fees for all participating teams.




  • Teams entering the Wheelchair Division and Special Olympics Division do not have to pay an entry fee to participate in the tournament, but must still register online. Please click below to register your team
  • Unregistered teams will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. Please contact us if you have questions about registering your team
  • Co-ed teams allowed (see Tournament Details section above)
Let's do This!


$ 60/80
  • Early Registration (Nov. 1-Dec. 31) $60/team
  • Regular Registration (Jan. 1-Jan. 31) $80/team
  • Ages 8-19
  • Age, height, and experience of players will impact how the team is bracketed in the tournament
  • Co-ed teams allowed (see Tournament Details section above)
  • Normal registration fee before sponsored discount is $125
Bring it!


  • Early Registration (Nov. 1-Dec. 31) $60/team
  • Regular Registration (Jan. 1-Jan. 31) $100/team
  • Ages 20 and older
  • Age, height, and experience of players will impact how the team is bracketed in the tournament
  • Co-ed teams allowed (see Tournament Details section above)
  • Normal registration fee before sponsored discount is $150
We still got game!


  • Early Registration (Nov. 1-Dec. 31) $100/team
  • Regular Registration (Jan.1-Jan. 31) $150/team
  • These Divisions are for high-level teams who think they can win it all. Teams will be bracketed without regard to age, height, or experience of players
  • $2,000 cash prize for the winning team in each of the two Divisions!!!
  • Normal registration fee before sponsored discount is $200
Show us the money!


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PHX3on3 is quickly becoming one of the premier special events in the Phoenix, AZ area and this fabulous event would not be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors.




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The quality of the PHX3on3 tournament is directly related to the strong volunteer support we receive from throughout the community. We highly value our event volunteers and seek to offer a variety of fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities. We also have a fundraising program available for teams, clubs, youth groups, or other organizations that provide large numbers of volunteers. If you would like to learn more about this fundraising program, please contact us.

If you would like to volunteer for PHX3on3, please click the link below.

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